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Cotonificio Olcese, yarns since 1904

Cotonificio Olcese presents itself and its products to visitors in the 45th edition of Filo.

Who we are: Cotonificio Olcese is a spinning mill founded in 1904 by Mr. Vittorio Olcese, a prominent Milanese entrepreneur.

To whom we sell: Cotonificio Olcese’s customers are the major manufacturing firms – both national and international – producing either circular knitting fabrics or woven fabrics.

What we produce: Cotonificio Olcese produces both conventional and compact spun combed cotton yarn, twisted, twisted gassed and mercerised in different spinning counts. Cotonificio Olcese is one of the two Filoscozia licensees in the world, therefore the firm is able to provide original holographic labels for final garments. In addition, Cotonificio Olcese spins many blend yarns (like cotton-cashmere, cotton silk and many others) – both raw-white and melange.

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