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Pozzi Electa grows in its “Green” development, contributing to increase a sensitive and eco-friendly awareness.

Newborn in Pozzi Electa is Canalyf, a 100% sustainable yarn made with a blend of hemp and Lyocell Lenzing, deriving exclusively from European productions. The method of cultivation and production of the fibers, as well as the complete control of the spinning process in the company’s factories, allow Pozzi Electa to guarantee a zero-impact yarn throughout the supply chain.
Canalyf yarn enriches the Ecoyarns proposal of Pozzi Electa’s collection, which includes biodegradable and recycled materials such as biodegradable Nylon, recycled nylon, recycled silk, Rejeans Collection and Ecovero Lenzing Viscose, sourced through a rigorous selection of suppliers.
Pozzi Electa is now officially GRS certified.
An important milestone for the company, which can certify its adherence to a sustainable production model: reduction of resource consumption and use of recycled materials.
Consistent with company’s mission of environment protection, Pozzi Electa has modified the production system, using machines in a continuous cycle and reducing energy consumption. This customization in the production area confirms Pozzi Electa ability to adapt production to market requests and customers’ needs, who are more and more informed, aware and therefore increasingly discerning.


Biella, September 28 2021

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