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Yarn harmonies in Suedwolle Group collection

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Südwolle Group once more invites us to reflect upon the relationship between man and nature, which each season focuses on different aspects and details. The inescapable element is the importance of the relationships between people and between man and the environment, in a constant interaction and transformation process.

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection – presented at the 50th edition of Filo – is attracted by the variety of shapes, colours and natural landscapes, where human presence is visible, but respectful, creating a new harmony. The variety of colours and shades and the softness of the curved lines of the landscape create a mosaic of patterns, inspiration for the textures, colours and the three-dimensional structures of the yarns.

Another constant element of Südwolle Group is the technological research that offers performances suited to contemporary lifestyle, thanks to blends of ever-new natural and man-made fibres, fruit of thorough research. In Spring/Summer 2020 a marked fashion overtone is present.

Prêt-à-porter fashion rediscovers the inborn elegance, comfort, natural fit and freshness that natural fibres in performance blends bring to the collections. The principles of today’s style emphasize the role of the yarn, which is required to provide contemporary functionality without losing the natural feel and original properties of the fibres. In this case too, we witness new interactions between man and environment, technology and nature.

Biella, 25 september 2018

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