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Annitex: horizons of style

The yarn collection that Annitex will present at the 54th edition of Filo is made up of four important groups of materials with defined connotations of style. The common denominator of the new proposals is brightness and freshness.

Annitex proposals are thus collected in four categories.
The naturals are marked in the original colors of linen and cotton by a subtle synthetic component that enhances their characters with lively and engaging reflections.
The elegants in the darker and more traditional color formulas tell the story of summer with lively, exciting reflections that evoke cool tropical evenings and carefree playful moments.
Denim has a leading role with updated satin aspects. The yarns return intense light and define perspectives with strong personality.
The prints are present in the collection with solutions which in terms of effect and technique are defined as the latest generation.


Biella, October 2 2020

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