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A new generation of yarns by Cotonificio Olcese

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At the 52nd edition of Filo, Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari will present a new yarns generation, an innovative proposal really embracing environmental sustainability and circular economy topics.

The new yarns by Cotonificio Olcese has been studied in depth and conceived by mixing specific ecological and biodegradable fibers such as Refibra, coming from renewable wood sources and recycled cotton waste, or Sorona, obtained by glucose fermentation and corn seed processing and SeaCell, obtained from seaweed, rich in essential substances such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Cotonificio Olcese has paid attention to the use of renewable raw materials, but also to the process by which they are made: all the selected fibers are produced through an efficient closed-loop production process with low environmental impact.

Biella, september 23rd 2019

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