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Selected by Gianni Bologna

The main focus is on those types based on simplicity and on the content of natural fibre, starting from quality with prices not necessarily high – i.e. for silks in toussah and bourrette – but with some high quality hints of linen and cotton and some hemp for a refined rustic look. Of course, wools are ultra-light and preferably blended with other quality’s naturals or viscose for a greater freshness. Movements on yarns’ structure is given by flaming and roving, also with fairly loose bindings, 2- or 3-ply twisted yarns, quite round cables and raffia-effect yarns.

The presence of fancy yarns is not particularly large since they do not play a major role for the season, except in the case of some parts of knitwear. Even so, there are some examples of mottled yarns and fancy yarns with loose twisting effects and yarns with little knopping effects as well as  shiny/opaque effects, mat cotton roving or with leather effect, metal or metal-looking yarns, printed yarns with shaded chromatic elements.

A special attention is given to those yarns with a specific presence of technical content in natural/man-made or pure man-made blends as well as towards fabrics with finishing treatments, especially those that do not excessively affect the final price, yet giving interesting aesthetic results. As far as ‘impact’ and ‘hard’ elements are concerned, AJT ple and pla some presence of high tenacty types and the presence of metal’s aspects (even if they are obtained through man made only i.e. ple or pla) can be interesting for work-wear oriented fabrics.

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