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REPETITA ® yarn represents a sustainable choice for brands, a security of being able to count on a fiber of the highest quality that, thanks to the excellence of its manufacturing processes, offers exceptional performance, superior to other polyester fibers on the market.

REPETITA ® is ideal for all applications with Jaquard processing, from circular knitting to orthogonal weaving, from straight knitting to hosiery. In terms of performance, it can offer the comfort of microfiber, the same breathability and thermoregulation as synthetic fibers, and when needed, an appearance very similar to that of natural fibers.
The fiber’s strength and the solidity of its wide color range – stock service in 32 customizable colors and six titrations – make it the ideal raw material for second layer use in fashion and sportswear but also for application in the world of furniture and design.
Its versatility, allows on request, useful treatments of UV protection, antibacterial action, water repellency.


Biella, September 7 2022

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