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The F/W 22/23 collection Linsieme Filati is going to present is focused on the development of both linear and fancy yarns. The key word is “cashmere”.

In the linear yarns, Linsieme Filati the cashmere fiber is mixed in an intimate blend with wool, silk, nylon and viscose to create yarns ranging from Nm. 1 / 27,000 to Nm. 1 / 13,500 in compositions from 100% cashmere to 8% cashmere.
For fancy yarns, thanks to the use of special processes, the company creates bouclé, laminated and iridescent effects with counts ranging from Nm. 20,000 to Nm. 30,000.
The stock-service remains an essential feature of the collection of Linsieme Filati.


Biella, March 24 2021

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