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Élin® by Elasten meets any request of stretch or simply gimped yarns both for sale and third party work. Elasten uses bare elastomers, covered or thermoretractable. Any kind of elastic/retractable newly conceived fiber is first tested and then proposed to customer for many uses: fashion, workwear, furnishing, footwear and automotive.

élin® identifies and distinguishes yarns covered by International Patents and produced with pure stretch linen, stretch hemp, stretch ramie/nettle and other fibres. élin yarns are to achieve triple aim: comfort, elegance and performance in one single product. This results from the combination of ecological, sustainable, natural fibers of excellence through the most innovative elasticization techniques. Exceptional transpirability and thermoregulation are given by the natural fibers which are combined to the optimal stretch recovery and the completely smooth fabric surface. Élin range now has a new patented proposal: “Be smart, BFlex”. Why not creating an elastic yarn without elastic component? BFlex yarns which belong to élin family of products meet such demand. The particular structure of the yarn creates natural elasticity on fabrics for knitwear or shuttle weaving (suitable to warp and weft).
Obviously, its elasticity cannot be compared to the elasticity deriving from traditional elastomers, but it completely meets the modern comfort requirements. Moreover, the hand and the resulting surface on knit or fabric is completely innovative, “technical”, “fluid” and “unexpected” considering the material to which the technology is applied. It can be applied to any material in any count. The BFlex family of patented products fully responds to the concept of recyclability and biodegradability since it is produced in mono composition with certified and natural materials.


Biella, July 27 2022

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