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Accademia del Colore, launched by Francesco Ferraris during the last edition of Filo, takes its first effective steps.

Accademia del Colore is promoted by Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris in collaboration with Randstad and it establishes a first stage of direct education and training in cooperation with Piedmont Supply Chain Academy for textile, apparel and fashion industry and green jobs, whose leading agency is Città Studi. Francesco Ferraris explains: “It is a theoretical and practical education path where people will have the opportunity to dialogue with experts of dyeing in order to learn and experience those competences needed within the industry. For us, it represents an innovative project whose intention is both attracting people to dyeing industry, especially the young, and revitalising the manufacturing sector, by including new visions and ideas to make it increasingly appealing.”
To take part in Accademia del Colore, please send your application to Randstad Biella: email; ph: +390150159801.


Biella, March 27 2024

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