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Alsancak, Umurbey Mahallesi, Işçiler Cd. No:176 • 35230 Konak, Izmır • Turkey

T (+90) 0232 463 70 94


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Egedeniz Textile is offering ethically sourced natural yarns and fabrics for being your sustainable textile partner. Besides our famous GOTS-certified organic GMO-Free Aegean cotton yarn, Egedeniz Textile offers also hemp, Modal, TENCEL™, recycled polyester, and recycled cotton yarns for your knitting or weaving projects. Carded, combed, compact and open-end in raw white, dyed, and mélange yarns are possible to order. Our commitment to sustainability means that we are eliminating carbon emissions, protecting the environment, and promoting fair labor practices. Check out our sustainable yarns and start and strengthen your journey toward a more sustainable future.

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