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Xinao Textiles, the importance of an integrated production

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For the first time at Filo, Xinao Textiles Inc. was born in 1991 and it is now listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, counting about 2,200 employees.

Xinao produces 10 milions Kgs of worsted wool yarns for flat knitting, circular knitting and socks.

The secret for his own international success is the complete vertical supply chain: from its own breeding in Australia to the combing, tops treatments, dyeing and spinning.

As it will be clear at the 51st edition of Filo, Xinao offer is available in a wide range of yarns, from pure cashmere to wool-sashmere-silk blends, yarns in pure wool and wool-nylon from 16.5 to 26.5 micron, traceable and sustainable yarns: RWS wool, recycled polyester and chlorine free machine washable treatments.

Biella, 20 February 2019


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