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In this issue of FiloNewsLetter we continue to publish the IloveFilo interviews: this time an Italian company – Pozzi Electa – “has its say” on the reasons for the participation in Filo and on much more.

IloveFilo is an initiative by Filo thought for exhibitors and realized thanks to their collaboration.
The goal is to give voice to the protagonists of Filo – the exhibiting companies – so that with their words they can explain to other potential protagonists of the exhibition (exhibitors and visitors) what Filo is and the characteristics that make it unique in the international textile-fairs panorama.
At the same time, through short descriptive videos, exhibitors have the opportunity to present themselves and their reality to the public.
eight companies have already been interviewed: in addition to Pozzi Electa, Linificio e Canapificio nazionale, Litija, Filasa, Filatura Alma, Utt, Ghezzi, Moririn e Monticolor.
Meanwhile, readers who have not yet seen them can follow on the Filo website the nine videos of the series “Con le mani”, the project with which Filo wanted to underline the importance of touch in the textile industry, giving the floor to prominent testimonials from the textile sector.


Biella, June 30 2021

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