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The Südwolle collection embodies a new sensibility. The importance of comfort and casual elegance coexists with the attention to quality, durability of the garments and the choice of materials – recycled, traceable, certified – to reduce waste and offer real sustainability.

The Recycled line offers a range of yarns in wool blends, in line with a dynamic and comfortable-chic style. Our search for products with low environmental impact, such as recycled man-made fibres and wools certified for animal welfare, is evident in activeyarn® products like SRP Da Vinci GRS Nm 60/2 (45% 23.5 µ mulesing-free wool, 55% recycled 3.3 dtex polyamide), with certified mulesing-free wool and recycled polyamide from pre-consumer waste, in accordance with GRS standard; also available in stretch version, and in Hercules X-COMPACT® GRS Nm 40/1 (40% 21.2 µ mulesing-free wool, 60% recycled 3.3 dtex polyamide).
SRP Dahl GRS Nm 2/60 (45% 23.5 µ mulesing-free wool, 55% recycled cationic polyester) is dyeable at low temperature, using an energy-saving process that gives excellent colour effects and the option of creating bespoke colours.
The Traceable line instead offers the best sellers of Suedwolle revisited in a sustainable way, with the adoption of RWS certified wool within our most iconic pure wool yarns.


Biella, February 24 2021

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