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“One Way Tickets”: yarns for the near future

Re-creating, Re-thinking, Re-starting are the three key words defining “One Way Tickets”, the product development proposals elaborated for the 55th edition of Filo. Each of them refers to a specific set of yarns.

The product development proposals for the 55th edition of Filo are inspired by the necessary “One Way Tickets”, which indicate a clear direction for the textile-clothing of the near future. In the rich craftsmanship of Re-create we find the lightness of textured yarns, melange too, and in mohair without excessive hairiness. While Re-thinking proposes unisex types and designs, which comprise matt aspects or at least semi-bright and blends of natural fibres, even noble ones, sometimes with high quality man-made materials. Re-starting is a section where man-made types prevail, even though there are some natural elements to prove that the production processes for fibers, yarns and fabrics somehow should consider limitations to be as eco-compatible as possible.
The product development proposals, with the presentation by Gianni Bologna, can be appreciated and analyzed on the Filo website, on the dedicated page.


Biella, January 13 2021

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