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Luxury Revolution

46th edition

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“The theatre of luxury”

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“Luxury by chance”

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“Luxury towards future”

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The Macrotrends

Why are we talking about luxury revolution?

Starting from the assumption that re-volution has the double meaning of ‘turning back’ and ‘turning against’, let’s think of the first meaning as a starting point for creative developments in design, both on fine traditional materials and on innovative ones. Then, let’s move to the second one, which comprises also the concept of textile structures and designs aiming at creating new aesthetics and new functionalities.

Nowadays, we are living within the ‘POST’ era: post in its literal sense of ‘later’, or in the IT one concerning new spots of social networks or as in “post-it”, a simple and coloured piece of paper that fills our lives, made forgetful by too much information and images. In any case, we have to get accustomed to perceiving how much ‘post’ is there in the different and stratified segments of post-luxury.

After the excursus on bad taste and superficiality of last editions, let’s try now to understand how these realities interact (or conflict) with the luxury’s world. Bearing in mind that, after all, luxury is “a necessity that begins where necessity ends” (le luxe est une nécessité qui commence là où finit la nécessité), as Coco Chanel put it.

Since luxury is first of all personal taste and lifestyle’s satisfaction, let’s try to understand what is needed to intercept luxury’s consumers today and in the near future.

In order to stay close to reality we will talk about LUXURIES in the plural, because, as every other aspect of modern sociability, the facets generated by high-speed communication are endless, and it seems to be rather restrictive to be obliged, for the sake of comprehensibility, to limit ourselves to few areas. And those areas range on a large field of personal tastes which flow into their contrary too. Within all contradictions inherent to it.

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