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Curriculum Vitae

45th edition

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One of the phenomena which has without doubt characterized our society hereabouts over recent years and which has ended up having an enormous influence on our lifestyle is the progressive, exponential increase of SUPERFICIALITY.   It has in every way become the macroscopic figure of Today and has changed, or should we say definitively shaken the rules of aesthetics to the core and, obviously, that of the complex world of the textile industry and the consumption associated with it.

We do not intend to carry out a more or less expected sociological analysis here nor wage any rearguard battle, but simply to deal with this important phenomenon in how it manifests itself in its undoubtedly negative forms for the quality of our work but also the converse, interesting one of attempts to “recover” or “rehabilitate” a more conscious and more critical modus vivendi. And, having said this, we should not forget that both spheres nevertheless represent markets, including the one …. of bad taste.   So no scandal there.

We shall, therefore, try to address SUPERFICIALITY calling by this name what has currently been the long-term most important phenomenon, generator inter alia of the almost offensive, spreading bad taste,  which however, is often only spoken of in low tones (such as during a dictation), and we shall describe some of its verifiable aspects in our day to day curriculum.

Two macro-areas which I would call the “pretend to be there ” and the “ pretend not to be there”.

Why “pretend”?   Because even a summary analysis shows that too often the “real “facts disappear giving way to an appearance which is opposite to them;  almost as if some one, other than ourselves, thinks and creates perfect copies of something whose original has never existed.  We are all in the game.

The first part of the presentation is, therefore, dedicated to the compulsive desire to fill life with an excess of presence, visibility, to occupy space in the world with one’s ego; the illusion of centrality even if deprived of foundation and importance, the being there  in order to be there and to have the feeling of existing.

Therefore, that dedicated to the illusion of being constantly “informed”, of being always connected and so able not only to “act” but also to “interact” when actually we are only passive spectators awaiting information – whose validity and correspondence to the “reality” is often yet to be proved – and anxiety- inducing reports of events… which preferably happened far away from us.

And then the wish, the instinctive converse drive to “pretend not to be there” isolating oneself or disappearing, at least temporarily, escaping from one’s own and others’ logorrhea, from systematic compulsiveness in such a way that the world may appear as it really is, or many-sided and decentralized, a path with a thousand lines of escape. In such a way that all, if seen from a transparent, unobserved, discreet and eclipsed position, opens up a new experience: abandoning the sensation of being responsible for everyone and everything, removing oneself from the “World” so that it is it to approach us and thereby enable us to  see it by looking at it from the inside.  Source of a kind of aesthetic relief, a glade of silence and not least, the recovery of a style.

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