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TPU Evolution® is the 100% Italian made polyurethane yarn, designed and produced by Coatyarn in the name of sustainability.

TPU Evolution is 100% recyclable and completely solvent-free. All colors are produced with water-free technology. TPU Evolution® is non toxic to humans or the environment; it is supplied ready for use and does not require any further processing, thus avoiding unnecessary energy waste.
Zero waste is the motto of Coatyarn’s production process, perfected to the point of fully exploiting raw materials and eliminating waste.
TPU Evolution yarn is also available with a recycled PET core derived from plastic bottles recovered from the ocean, which is GRS -Global Recycling Standard-certified, and guarantees the full performances of conventional PET.
In full respect of the environment beginning-to-end of production, Coatyarn also thought of a form of packaging as natural as possible, entirely made of recyclable cardboard and paper.
The raw materials Coatyarn uses come from close-by, being our suppliers Italian and European: this is the firm’s contribution to reducing polluting emissions from long-haul transport.
TPU Evolution combines surprising technical and stylistic performances with excellent versatility of use, fields of application and effects: a single product, many solutions.


Biella, July 27 2022

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