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Tollegno 1900 sustainable for vocation

Sustainability and traceability are two key words for Tollegno 1900 and not just today. This is confirmed by a series of interventions for the benefit of the Biella’s area.

An example of the interventions of Tollegno is the company’s treatment plant: it treats 2,300 cubic meters of water every day, which returns “class A” also to the local community. Now a new initiative is added: “Tollegno 1900 yarns: the world through our eyes”. It is the expression of a philosophy and approach that goes beyond production. Through six key concepts (Origin, Future, Territory, Opening, Equilibrium and Protection) combined with six images dedicated to faces and glimpses collected in a symbolic journey in the world, Tollegno 1900 creates a “Manifesto” that expresses its deep, continuous and lasting commitment towards people and the environment. Expressed through conscious choices in the selection of materials and processes, this commitment has the objective of contributing to the construction of a better world. The project is the leitmotif of the entire life of the company that chooses to be present at the 49th edition of Filo 49 to highlight, in addition to its collections, also its valuable initiatives.



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