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Thinking future at FiloHappening

“A unique background and an exciting atmosphere”: with those words, Ms Marilena Bolli, president of the Unione Industriale Biellese, opened the FiloHappening of the 44th edition of Filo. The round table, in fact, took place inside the art show “Inside the Last Supper”, a multimedial art installation inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. In addition, before the conference, a guided tour to the art-show, enabled speakers, exhibitors, buyers and guests to discover still hidden features and meanings in the Leonardo’s celebrated painting, included an original olfactory dimension.

To thrills and fragrances from an old time Milano, as usual, the FiloHappening round table added interesting thoughts about the textile-fashion system, thanks to a parterre of outstanding speakers. Marilena Bolli, president of Unione Industriale Biellese, confirmed that “Thinking future” must be interpreted in a wider meaning. It was “thinking future” that textile companies have succeeded in strengthening their position despite the crisis. And in these recent years, “thinking future” has guided the businesses as well as institutions and trade associations towards a new approach, so long desired but not easy to achieve: to look beyond the individual interests and learn to work as a system. This is the only way to affirm the value of made in Italy on International markets to the benefit of the individual companies and of the country as a whole”.

An awareness shared by Silvio Albini, outgoing president of Milano Unica (and exhibitor at Filo), who hopes that “think future” may “help to overcome any form of parochialism and work together as a system, sharing an entrepreneurial and associative activity aimed in particular at encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises, which may benefit from an added value ensured by rules that support the sustainability and traceability of made in Italy products”.

Marinella Loddo (director of Milan Ice Agency) said she was honoured to assist the Italian businesses in asserting their creativity and ability for innovation on foreign markets”.

Claudio Marenzi (president of Sistema Moda Italia) underlined “the importance of personal relationships to build trust and confidence capable of going beyond the differences between districts and sectors: we must get free from the legacies of the past and learn to work together towards common and shared objectives, like for example the compulsory made in Italy label”.

Biella, 21 october 2015

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