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The path towards growth passes through export

The path of foreign markets continues to be crucial for Italian companies. Even in a complex year as 2016 had been exports have recorded an increase and confirmed as one of the most dynamic element of Italian GDP. These are the results showed in the ITA Agency-Prometeia report ‘Foreign trade’s evolution for area and sectors’, that has been launched in Milan to the presence of Ivan Scalfarotto, undersecretary of the Ministry for Economic Development and Michele Scannavini, president of ITA Agency.

According to ITA-Prometeia report, during the 3-year period 2016-2019, Germany, USA and UAE are offering more favourable demand’s conditions for Italian products. As far as China is concerned, the bet regards a re-start during 2017 and a shift of global trend for the following year. Recovery’s signs are predicted for Russia, Brazil and France. In particular, the world demand within fashion and interior design industry is going to increase: respectively by +3.7% and +5% (current prices). It will be fundamental for the fashion system to combine manufacturing excellence with support and backing activities to non-material aspects (brand) and distribution’s ones (including the enhancement of e-commerce). As far as ITA Agency activities are concerned, in 2017, the main markets will be the USA – where the highly successful programme of last two years has been confirmed – and China. The Agency will work also to strengthen the presence on EU markets, especially Germany, to regain ground in Russia and to open ASEAN area, penetrating those emerging markets with high commercial potentials and with special attention also to Iran and India. Great impulse will be given also to the development of e-commerce channels and digitalisation of industrial manufacture, which offer opportunities of visibility and sale to small enterprises even on complex and far markets as Asian ones are.

Biella, december 7th 2016

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