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The Biennale of arts in Venice explores the Planet Earth

During the 2017, not only Filo – and the whole textile industry – wants to celebrate the crucial role of the celestial body that hosts us. The 57th edition of Biennale d’Arte in Venice (from the 13th of May – 26th of November 2017) – inspired to humanism under the general title ‘Arte viva arte’ – dedicates one of its pavilions to the Earth too.

The Earth pavilion of the Biennale in Venice is centered on environmental animal and planetary utopias utopias, visions and dreams of the artists on environment As Christine Macel, curator of the 57th edition, has explained: ‘Art is the ultimate ground for reflection, individual expression, freedom, and for fundamental questions. Art is the favorite realm for dreams and utopias, a catalyst for human connections that roots us both to nature and cosmos, that elevates us to a spiritual dimension. Art is the last bastion, a garden to cultivate above and beyond trends and personal interests. The role, the voice and the responsibility of the artist are more crucial than ever before within the framework of contemporary debates”. For sure, the debate on the respect of the planet Earth is contemporaneous. And the works of many artists wonder about issues related to energy conversion and industrial transformation, terrestrial resources’ exploitation, considered in a historical perspective. And and pervade the works of many artists, combining nostalgia and a sense of a future unknown.

Biella, 17 May 2017

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