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The 52nd edition of Filo launched in Paris, Biella, Milan and Prato

The 52nd edition of Filo launched in Paris, Biella, Milan and Prato

The roadshow for the presentation of the 52nd edition of Filo ended today in Prato.
The meetings – held in Paris, Biella and Milan before reaching Prato – were successful, with a participation of exhibitors, operators and press higher than expected.

The attention payed to Filo by textile professionals derives from the precise role that the Exhibition had acquired over the years within the international fairs’ scenario. However, for the 52nd edition there is a further step: the launch of FiloFlow, the Filo sustainability project.
In undertaking an overall review about the four meeting of the June 2019 roadshow, Paolo Monfermoso, general manager of Filo, states that: “Filo roadshow gives us the opportunity to directly dialogue together with all professionals participating in Filo. From Biella and Prato, we receive exhibitors’ prompts and suggestions, helping us to define a general framework of the of exhibiting companies’ needs. In Milan, in addition to the exhibitors from Lombardy and Veneto, we meet also many journalists who follow Filo with interest and continuity, and this enables us to convey Filo’s contents and news to a wider audience. Paris is crucial for the increasingly Filo’s internationalisation, especially on visitors’ side”.

Regarding the June 2019 roadshow, Mr. Monfermoso highlights: “In all the four meetings, we have witnessed the audience great interest in FiloFlow. This is a tracking project of the textile supply chain aimed to highlight and to enhance sustainable production processes and products implemented by our exhibitors. Filo’s exhibitors welcomed enthusiastically the project, with a participation higher than expected. In our conception, sustainability is carried out in a supply chain’s contest, since this is the only way to ensure a complete products traceability. Moreover, the strengthening of the supply chain is also the objective of the synergies that Filo has been establishing for some time with Sistema Moda Italia and Milano Unica. Regarding the latest, Filo will be present once again at the 9th-11th of July edition: in the Trend Area of Milano Unica, trend themes and yarns exhibited in February 2019 edition of Filo will be shown through an installation of great impact. With the starting of FiloFlow project, we have established a closer collaboration with Acimit, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers: indeed, we think any talk about production processes sustainability is useless without including machinery. The first step if this collaboration will be the Filo presence at the press conference of Acimit at ITMA Barcelona”. Mr. Monfermoso’s closing remarks are: “Of course, speaking of synergies, we cannot forget the fundamental role played by ITA-Agency: over the years, it has enabled us to widen the international role of the Exhibition. Our aim is now to increasingly involve the exhibitors in detecting the international buyers to be invited at Filo, to make it an increasingly efficient business platform”.

A large part of the meetings in Paris, Biella, Milan and Prato for the presentation of the 52nd edition of Filo was dedicated to the explanation of “Metamorphosis”, the product development proposals carried out by Gianni Bologna, responsible for Filo creativity and style, entitled. Gianni Bologna explains: “Today we are not living in a changes’ era; rather, we are living an era’s change, of pace and parameters. For these reasons, we dedicate these product development proposals to the theme of ‘Metamorphosis’ (possibly the highest rate of harmony), aiming at highlighting the idea of permeation and interaction among beings and things”.

The 52nd Filo edition will take place at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, on the 25th and 26th of September 2019.

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