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The 51st edition of Filo in exhibitors words

Exhibitors’ comments at the end of the show confirm the satisfactory work done during the 51st edition of Filo.

Vincenzo Caneparo of Davifil: “Our opinion on these two days at Filo is decidedly positive, for both the number of visitors and their standard. Our company offers a wide range of products, all made under the banner of quality. We also sell recycled yarns and, in recent years, we have also been working with undyed waste wool, which has given some interesting results. Filo’s “Sustainability Project” seems very interesting”.

Francesco Della Porta of Pozzi Electa: “We have been exhibiting at Filo as from its very first edition and, once again, we are very happy with the results achieved. Our company focuses very much on innovation and our customers come to us to see what’s new. So, this year too, they were especially appreciative of our new yarns, our new finishings and our new slub yarns. Much interest was also seen in our recycled yarns, “closing the circle” in a product offering that is called to be increasingly aware of its environmental impact. On this premise, it is evident that Filo’s “Sustainability Project” is extremely interesting for us”.

Gian Maurizio Caucino of Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia: “Our opinion on our two days at Filo is, as usual, a positive one. Visitors flows, both Italian and European, have been in line with expectations, more intense during the first day. On the whole, we can say that we see a greater interest in Italian-made products. As to the “Sustainability Project” launched by Filo, we can say that it meets with our full support, also because our company has been releasing a sustainability report since 2017”.

Chiara Bianchi Maiocchi of Lanecardate: “Filo is always a very useful and pleasant show to take part in. It is the only one that allows businesses to make their own boards to be exhibited at the excellent Trend Area, which we consider to be a great benefit, that produces important results. Many are the buyers that were not our customers but decided to visit our stand after seeing our products at the Trend Area. I would also like to add that visitors are always of a high standard, be they weavers or wool mills. Our company has long been focusing on manufacturing sustainability. We have recently created a corporate leaflet on this topic and, as far back as 2004, we signed – here at Filo – a certification of full traceability of our products. Consequently, we are now enthusiastic supporters of the Sustainability Project that has just been launched by Filo”.

Mariarosa Dissegna of Marchi e Fildi has a “positive opinion of this edition of Filo. In order to be able to tackle the market’s hurdles, businesses need visibility. Insofar as we are concerned, we continue to focus on our research and innovation work, simply because we believe that only by profoundly renovating our collections and our production methods, we can strengthen our position on the market. This, of course, without ever giving up on our fundamental values: first and foremost, the high quality of our products. And the same goes for sustainability in the textile field. We are all in favour of achieving greater awareness on this topic. However, sustainability, as we understand it at least, is not a temporary trick, rather it is a serious and continuous commitment”.

Stefano Aglietta of Italfil “This edition too, Filo confirmed the positive trend registered in previous years. There is a general pick up in the demand of quality products, which are highly sought by both Italian and international customers. We took part in this 51th Filo exhibition not only with our yarn-making family business, but also with our innovative project Yuool: a shoe made with a fabric which, in turn, is made with exclusive extra-fine merino wool (by Italfil). Natural, breathable, comfortable, versatile, soft and flexible”.

Maurizio Mancini of Tintoria Mancini: “Filo is an important show for us. Here, we meet all our customers, including among exhibitors. Here, we can speak to them more in depth and better understand their needs – their products in our hands. Perhaps, on the whole, interest in dyers at the show has dropped. It is taken for granted that we are going to be here. The Sustainability Project meets with our full involvement and can help us improve”.

Alberto Gaia of Xinao: “This was our first time at Filo and we are very satisfied. We have established good contacts, not just with Italian customers, but also with international ones. The Italian market is very interesting and Filo is certainly the right opportunity to get to know it more in depth”.

Marco Bardelle of Tintoria Finissaggio 2000: “This year, at Filo, we have seen a growing interest by operators in digital printing and faux fur items. We have also launched a new finishing which we have named ‘fulled cotton’. We have seen a lot of interest in bonded fabrics and quilted items, with various fillings. Our overall assessment for these two days is decidedly positive and we have established some interesting contacts with potential new customers. As to sustainability, this is a concept in which we strongly believe, so much so that we have just completed the refurbishment of our water system, which will enable us to treat the wastewater we use in our activities and reuse as much as 20% of it”.

Roberto Rimoldi of Filatura Luisa: “We are satisfied with this edition of Filo, with results in line with last year. Visitors have shown great interest in our ‘historic products’, but also in our new products. The philosophy behind the “Sustainability Project” launched by Filo meets with our full support”.

Adolfo Marchetti of Iride: “A good show. We received visits from well-established customers, as well as from new ones. Interest in natural colourings is growing, in line with a greater commitment by downstream manufacturers to use sustainable products and/or processes”.

Eric Lenard of UTT: “This is the second time we exhibit at Filo and we are very satisfied. On the second day, we saw slightly less visitors. The show is an opportunity to meet customers – especially Italian ones – who are interested in our range of worsted yarns and multi-coloured & patterned yarns for the weaving industry”.

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