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The 50th Filo edition has opened today

The 50th Filo edition has opened today

The 50th edition of Filo opens today at Palazzo delle Stelline (corso Magenta 61) in Milan. The exhibition will end tomorrow, on the 27th of September. The fair is open from 9 am to 6 pm during the first day, and from 9 am to 5 pm during the second one.

Protagonists at Filo are the very high-quality yarns addressed to the top-of-the-range products and made by companies that have as their mission continuous research and innovation on products.

Paolo Monfermoso, manager of Filo, states: “Today Filo achieves a particularly significant goal: 50 editions and 25 years of life. At this milestone Filo arrives with the awareness of having achieved important results during the past years, with a constant increase in visitors and exhibitors’ numbers, without giving up on the quality of participating companies, always very high. Filo has been able to reach these results thanks to a constant teamwork: first of all, with exhibiting companies, that represent the core and the drive of the exhibition. But we have also cooperated positively with other players of the industry. For examples, the long cooperation with ITA-Agency and Sistema Moda Italia: in their respective role, they have helped us making Filo even more international. As far as ITA-Agency is concerned, in this edition, the cooperation has been enriched by one more initiative: thanks to ITA-Agency Office in Paris, we have launched the 50th edition in Paris, gathering the interest of very qualified operators. Today, as usual, thanks to ITA and Smi, we are hosting at Filo two important delegations of 30 foreign buyers, coming from European and Asian countries for the first one and from Russia for the second one. The cooperation with Milano Unica is stronger and stronger: for two editions, Filo has been present in the trend area of MIUnica with the products development proposals and a yarns’ selection. Today, Stefano Fadda, Milano Unica’s art director, ‘return the visit to our exhibition’ by participating in the inauguration of Filo. All these initiatives have the same objective: to continue to be an increasingly active business platform for the companies that participate in Filo, improving our services and expanding opportunities for meeting demand and supply. With this in mind, for example, we have decided to create profiles of Filo on social networks and social media, from Instagram to Twitter and YouTube. Of course, 50 editions represent a significant achievement, the ideal moment to think about the future and the many challenges that the textile system should face. But this is also the time for celebrations, as we will do this evening, starting from 5.30 pm with the party for “the 50 times of Filo”.

In the 50th Filo edition, the product development proposals envisioned by Gianni Bologna, responsible for Filo’s creativity and style, assume a particular meaning. The title itself is already an indication, “Routes”.

Gianni Bologna explains: “To celebrate this historic 50th edition of Filo we have chosen to dedicate our proposals to the concept of harmony and beauty that is becoming increasingly difficult and complex to deal with. That beauty that takes inspiration from the present and from the past and that we hope to be able to see a little more widespread on our journey. For the time being, let’s not forget a strong point, that it is – and must continue to be – always essential: the Italian products. Not a nostalgic product, but a product turned to the search for something new on the basis of the Italian great knowledge and craftsmanship and taste for beauty. Let’s then start by looking for new inspirations along three itineraries that now belong to the myth: “spices route”, “silk route” and “Route 66”, to recreate a current vision of beauty on the basis of unmistakable beauties and unique splendour»



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