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In Memory Of Albini

The 49th edition of Filo: inauguration in the memory of Silvio Albini

Globalization was the theme discussed at the inauguration of the 49th edition of Filo, during the conference organised by Filo together with ITA Agency and Sistema Moda Italia. Prior to the start of the works, however, Filo wanted to remember Mr. Silvio Albini, “a friend, an all-round entrepreneur” as Carlo Piacenza, president of Unione Industriale Biellese, defined him.

During the institutional part of “The thread of globalization” conference Marinella Loddo, director of ITA office in Milan, highlighted how the cooperation with Filo derives from the desire to “offer companies interesting topics for their development on foreign markets. And certainly, globalisation represents an issue to have a confrontation on.” Carlo Piacenza addressed this topic underlying how “the supply chain system and traceability determine the success of Made in Italy. Our capacity to convey a univocal message – from upstream segments to manufacturing sector – is the characteristic that consumers worldwide appreciate.” Mauro Chezzi, vice director of SMI – Sistema Moda Italia, underlined, too, the fact that consumers are by now global: “Global consumers are asking for interpreting the change, meeting the needs, both expressed and unexpressed ones. And thanks to the value of its supply chain, fashion system has this ability to catch expectations as forerunner for the whole Made in Italy on foreign markets”. Alessandro Zucchi, president of Acimit (Italian Association of Textile Machinery), remembered how “at the beginning of 2000, globalisation brought to an erosion of our market shares. But it was also an incentive for improving ourselves, increasing even more the quality of our products and focusing on innovation. And some results have been achieved: we have closed 2017 with positive figures. In particular, it is reassuring to see the increase by 30% of orders during the fourth quarter and to note that 19% of these orders come from Italian textile companies”.

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