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“Sustainability projects” by Davifil

Davifil launches a whole range of “eco-friendly” yarns: Bioalpaca, Biolana, Marbero, Bouclé Zefiro, Moka.

The “sustainability projects” proposed by Davifil comprise those yarns which highlight the intrinsic qualities of the materials employed for the production. In particular, Marbero is a fancy yarn deriving from a simple wrapping of naturally coloured components, as “Biolana” (100% crude wool and morena) and linen natural threads. While Bouclé Zefiro is a fancy yarn which is twisted on the traditional machines intended for bouclé, obtained from naturally coloured bases of “Bioalpaca” (70% wool, 30% alpaca). By using four brown shades, four grey shades and the binding made of black nylon, Davifil creates a refined, bright and particularly warm fancy effect.


Biella, April 15 2020

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