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Research and development of new products are among the musts of current textile industry, especially for those companies intending to lead on the international markets. Filo represents an ideal partner for these companies, increasingly proposing itself as a business platform, where to exchange ideas and projects, where to start collaborations which arise and develop among the stands and in the areas of the fair dedicated to talks and meetings.

Sustainability, innovation, creativity are the themes on which Filo has been committed for a long time, to enhance the intrinsic values of a centuries-old textile tradition that finds its most suitable expression in an intact supply chain. That’s why Filo, for some editions, has opened its doors not just to the best yarns’ producers worldwide, but also to other main actors of the textile industry, such as dyeing mills, and leading companies in fibres’ production, in order to offer a full overview of textile production and to foster the increasingly closer collaboration among the various stages of the supply chain. The results achieved by the companies in terms of research and development of new products can be admired in the booths of exhibitors, renewed each edition.


Biella, November 9 2022

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