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Smi young employers: training is the priority

“Training in the textile industry is the essential element of Made in Italy”: this is the starting point in the talk by Alessandra Guffanti, president of the Group of the young entrepreneurs of Sistema Moda Italia, at the annual meeting of the Group, held in Milan on the 27th of November and, focused on challenges and opportunities in making textile world increasingly more competitive, as well as the strategic approach of the sector towards education, professional training, work-related learning, and apprenticeship.

The Sistema Moda Italia’s research centre forecasts the sector will need 47 thousand more workers by 2021, almost 10% of current employees. In particular, companies belonging to textile-apparel industry will need more than 32 thousand graduated people and more than 16 thousand employees with a diploma. For this reason, according to Guffanti “it is fundamental that companies and the education system set a more active dialogue and create educational offers responding to the real market needs”. Alessandra Guffanti ended her speech stating that “As association, we have to address young generations and show them employment and professional growth opportunities offered by the textile industry. This is a strategic issue for our companies and our districts. Each employer must then strengthen his own permanent training as well as that of his emploees in order to face market’s new and more complex challenges”.

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