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1) The Show will take place at Mico Lab – Via Gattamelata 5 – Milano.
2) The Organiser “AssoServizi Biella Srl” reserves the indisputable right to change the exhibition venue, the duration, opening and closing dates and the hours of the Show up to 30 days prior to the fixed opening date, without incurring any compensation claims on behalf of the Exhibitors.

1) Exhibitors admitted to the show must be companies whose products and services are within the textile, yarns and accessories.
2) Application for admission must be presented by completing the relative form and requires complete acceptance of these rules and all the regulations stipulated afterwards regarding organisation and development of the Show. Moreover, the above mentioned application represents for the applier a definitive engagement. The applications for the admission which are not followed by the payment of the fees will not be held valid for the subscription.
3) The Organiser can refuse admission to the Show, in any case without having to justify its decision.
4) The Organiser shall confirm admission to the Show with a communication at the receipt of the Application Form.
5) The Exhibitor or his delegate shall elect as its legal domicile in Biella the address of the Show’s Organiser and acknowledges for all effects and purposes the competence of the Law Court of Biella.

1) Raw material, yarns for woven and knitted fabrics, flat knitting, accessories, fibres, textile design, finishing for woven and knitted fabrics, technologies and processes.

1) Stand assignment will be communicated to the Exhibitors.
2) The Organiser reserves the right to change the position of stands, if this should become necessary in the general interest of the Show, and will inform the Exhibitors involved up to 7 days prior to the opening of the Show, without giving the Exhibitor the right to any kind of compensation.
3) The stands, except in special cases, are at the Exhibitors’ disposal a day before the Show’s opening from 2 pm to 6 pm and must be set up and ready by 6 pm of that same day.
4) Stands not occupied by 9 am on the Show’s opening day will be considered abandoned and will be at the Organiser’s disposal, to do with as he pleases. The absentee Exhibitor must pay the entire fee and refund any damages incurred as in paragraph 1 SET UP.
5) Exhibitors cannot exchange stands assigned to them nor transfer them to others, whether free of charge or partially, without the written consent of the Organiser. The same holds true for the admission of a Co-exhibitor in an assigned stand or for the assignment of a collective stand.
6) The final layout of the Show will be sent to each Exhibitor after the assignment of each single stand.

1) The Applicant, who cannot participate in the Show for a legitimate and proven reason, can request with a registered letter to be released from the commitment within 60 days prior to the Show’s opening date, incurring a penalty equal to the deposit and at any rate not less than 50% of the total. If the waiver should occur after this time period, the Applicant must pay the entire application fee and shall be held responsible for any damages incurred. The Organiser reserves the right to assign the stand waivered by the Applicant to another Exhibitor.

1) The stand will be handed by organiser over already set up and completed, according to security on risk.
2) Exhibitors shall set up their stands in a manner that will not ruin the appearance of neighbouring stands nor cause any damage to other participants.
3) The Organiser has the right to either remove or modify, at the Exhibitor’s expense, those arrangements or parts of arrangements which could be detrimental to other Exhibitors, to the public or to the general appearance of the Exhibition.
4) The Exhibitor may not occupy any space outside of that assigned to him, nor exceed the prescribed height boundaries. Except in special cases to be agreed upon with the Organiser.
5) The Exhibitor undertakes to set up his stand in compliance with all technical and safety standards and to be liable to third parties.
6) Packing material of any kind must be removed before the opening of the Show. It is forbidden to leave waste at the fair, Fiera Milano shall invoice the company concerned directly for its disposal.
7) Signs and posters are allowed only within the stand but different agreement with the Organizer. It is absolutely prohibited to place them on the Fair pavilion or to obstruct passageways with them.
8) Stands are furnished with lateral walls. These can only be used to exhibit posters and photographs, attached with tape that is easily removed. It is obligatory to use chains or nylon strings to hang pictures, placards and signs to the overhead beams with hooks.
9) The stand panels must be returned whole and clean. If they are not returned in their original condition, then the cost of restoring them will be charged to the Exhibitor.
10) Every outlet supplied by the organisation furnishes 1.5 kW single-phase 220 V

1) Although the preparation of the stands is taken care of by the Organizer each Exhibitor is still required to comply with the current regulatory system, also and especially in terms of health protection and physical integrity of workers, and labor law, social security and social security regulations for the duration of the Event, including the time of assembly and dismantling of the stands and any other related activities, including waste disposal.

It is absolutely prohibited for Exhibitors to:
1) bring in goods of any nature when the show is open to the public (for this purpose the Exhibitors are allowed 1/2 hour before the show opens to the public and 1/2 hour after the show closes).
2) store any type of material outside their stand.
3) hand out any printed matter, brochures or other advertising material outside their own stand.
4) take apart their stand before the end of the exhibit; interfere with or ruin the material of others.
5) perform any work on their stand when the show is open to the public.
6) bring in gas stoves or cylinders or any other material that could, even accidentally, cause an explosion or fire; bring in any type of equipment that requires a flame.
7) use nails, screws or dowels on walls, columns, floors, dividing panels etc.
8) all structures owned by the Exhibitor and used in the stand must be self-supporting; it is absolutely prohibited to attach these structures to the walls, floors or panels of the Fair pavilion.
9) Exhibitors will be liable for any damages caused to the Fair pavilion.
10) Exhibitors and their personnel are prohibited from remaining in the Fair pavilion when the Show is closed to the public.
11) Exhibitors and their personnel are prohibited from bringing someone else goods in other stands or in any common areas such as Trends, Quick Delivery Point and FILOLounge.
12) It is forbidden to bring into the stands furniture or electrical equipment (e.g. refrigerators) without the organizer’s permission.

1) The data necessary to issue the access credentials both to the event and to the parking lots will be issued directly to the Exhibitor after loading them on a dedicated platform
The accepted application for membership shall include only the services listed therein.

1) Publicity in the way of loud speakers, audio equipment etc. is absolutely prohibited. Each Exhibitor may advertise within his own stand excluding any activity that due to its nature or reach could cause direct confrontation with other Exhibitors. All of the Exhibitor’s flyers and brochures to be distributed within the stand must follow the provisions of the law.The Organiser has the right to withdraw or prohibit any advertising tool that he retains an affront to the decorum of the Show or to the orderly functioning of the Exhibit. All Exhibitors must pay all taxes due for any method of advertising used to the Organiser. The Organiser will not be accountable for Advertising matter and will be available for any further information and for cooperating.

1) In order to keep the Show running smoothly, the Organiser will provide security guards, but will not assume any responsibilities in the event of theft or damages or losses of any other nature. Nevertheless, the Exhibitor’s personnel should still carry on normal surveillance of their stand when the Show is open to the public. The Exhibitor must, in fact, insure that his stand is always manned by personnel that can supply any information requested by visitors. Exhibitors are responsible for any damage caused to persons or property by products being shown, by advertising devices or by their personnel. Exhibitors shall be held responsible for all rented objects and the equipment set up for them by the delegates or dealers of each single service or by third parties. The Organiser does not assume any responsibility for damage, theft or prejudice towards persons or property no matter who causes it. Taking this into consideration, the Exhibitors are required to have insurance.
2) “All risks” Policy of the Exhibitors (excluding terrorism and sabotage risks) – The Exhibitor must have an All Risks policy on the whole value of goods, machinery, equipment and fittings taken into and/or used in the Fiera Milano exhibition centre with a waiver of right to claim compensation towards Fondazione Fiera Milano, Fiera Milano, their subsidiary and associated companies, the Organiser and any third party involved in the organisation of the event.
In case of subrogation from its own insurer, the Exhibitor guarantees to hold the aforementioned Subjects harmless.
Fiera Milano furnishes to Exhibitor, free of charge, an “All Risks” insurance with a limit of Euro 25.000,00, to cover all goods, machinery, fixtures, fittings and equipment brought to and/or used at the Exhibition Centre by Exhibitors.
Coverage includes the stipulation of 10% insurance exclusion for each claim in the event of theft, with a minimum of Euro 250,00 and doubling this amounts for the reports submitted after the closing of the exhibition.
In Fiera Milano e-service, Compulsory Document section – Insurance, you shall find the link to receive information about the “All Risks” policy, provided by Fiera Milano free of charge For any further information, please contact:Marsh S.p.A.Phone (+39) 024540 2033 / 024540 2034 / 024540 2032 Fax (+39) 024540 2035 e-mail:
3) Third Party Liability Policy – This coverage is automatically provided, free of charge, for all exhibitors by Fiera Milano. This will become an extension of its general policy that has a limit of no less than Euro 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million).
4) Limitation of Liability – The Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Fiera Milano and the Organizer from any liability for consequential losses, reputational damage, loss of revenues, etc.
Also for any direct loss, since each Exhibitor has in custody/care the reserved exhibition spaces and is responsible for the goods contained therein, the Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless Fiera Milano and the Organizer from any liability, for goods/values covered and/or not covered and/or exceeding from the above mentioned Art.2.
The Exhibitor acknowledge that Fiera Milano shall not provide insurance service/policy, or provide any benefit to the extent that the provision of such services or benefit would violate applicable law or expose Fondazione Fiera Milano, Fiera Milano, their subsidiary and associated companies, to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under ONU Security Council Resolutions or under other trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations. Therefore the Exhibitor under those restrictions, will not be covered by any insurance policy and release hereby Fondazione Fiera Milano, Fiera Milano, their subsidiary and associated companies, against all liabilities for any harmful event that may be suffered within the Exhibition Centers available / owned / managed by the aforementioned subjects, nor will have any action, claim or request against such Subjects, for the aforementioned events.

1) In the event that the Exhibition, for any reason whatsoever, cannot be held, the Exhibitor will be immediately informed of such a change. The amount of money already paid will be given back to the Exhibitor without any further or different damage or compensation. Anticipated closings, temporary interruptions of the Exhibition, extraordinary and/or exceptional events independent of the Organizer will not entitle the Exhibitor to any compensation will not give right to the Exhibitor to lay claim to any compensation, damage or reimbursement, at no title or reason.
2) In case of cancellation of the fair as a results of DPCM (Decree of The Italian Prime Minister) or order of the Lombardy Region with prohibition of holding International Fairs, nothing will be due to Filo.

1) Products and goods on display may not be photographed, filmed, drawn or in any way reproduced without the written authorisation of the Exhibitor in question or from the Organiser. The Organiser retains the right to reproduce or authorise the reproduction of views either of groups or of details, inside or out, without fear of recourse. The Organiser, although he will use all methods at his disposal to insure the observance of the regulations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, is not responsible for any eventual infraction.

1) The Exhibitor will not be able to abandon the Exhibition Area during the Tradeshow. Should the Exhibitor abandon the Exhibition Area for any reason, the Organiser will be entitled to remove, at the Exhibitor’s risk and expense from the inner and outer Exhibition Area, any material which the Organiser will have the right to retain, without being under the obligation to custody it.

1) Dismantling can only begin starting from the closing time on the last day of the Show and must be terminated by 7 pm the same day.
2) Any materials not removed by that deadline shall be considered abandoned and will be at the disposal of the Organiser, who will deal with it in the most opportune manner, and does not thereby assume any responsibility towards the Exhibitor.

1) Any dispute arising out of the interpretation or performace of this contract shall be settled by an Arbitrator appointed by mutual consent of the parties or, failing this, by the President of the Biella Bar Association at the request of the most diligent party. Upon arising of a dispute, a party shall communicate to the other party in written, also by telematic or computerised means, one or more names proposed for the appointment of the Arbitrator. The other party shall have the right to accept or reject the proposal within fifteen days from receipt. Failing an agreement, or in any case after the fifteen days period from the receipt of the proposal, each party has the right to request that the Arbitrator shall be appointed by the President of the Biella Court. The Arbitrator will settle the dispute according to the law. Seat of the Arbitration is Biella.

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