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Saying, a great group for quality yarns

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Sayın Yarn and Weaving is an integrated textile group operating in spinning and weaving.

In addition to the weaving factory established in 2004, Sayın Yarn production facility have launched a ring compact yarn plant on 50.000 m² area in Gaziantep, in 2017.

With the capacity of 27.360 spindles, it has established the production by bringing together the world giants (Rieter, Uster, Savio, Marzoli, Xorella and Tüfekci) and showed once again the importance it attaches to quality.

  • Sayın Yarn production range includes:

  • Cotton yarn production: from the Australian, Usa, Supima, blends production of 12/1 Ne-120/1 Ne combed compact

  • Tencel yarn production: from Lenzing materials, Lyocell Standard-Micro Lyocell -Refibra blends and their mixture of all kinds of cotton, production of 10/1 Ne-60/1 Ne carded compact

  • Twisted yarn production: no knot with splice production between the range of 20/2 Ne-120/2 Ne

  • Viscose yarn production: production between range of 10/1 Ne-60/1 Ne.

Biella, 11 September 2019

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