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The awareness of human impact on the environment has always guided Pozzi Electa in the production and supply choices, with the aim of constantly increase the sustainability standard of our productions and look for solutions that help to fight the sad and growing phenomenon of environmental pollution from textile waste.

In the zero impact plants in Val Seriana, Pozzi Electa produces yarns with Tencel Lyocell Standard, Lyocell L.F. and Lyocell A100 Micro by Lenzing AG, pure or blended with other noble fibers, such as wool and cashmere, reaching very fine counts, which guarantee an almost impalpable lightness.
The latest generation Tencel cellulosic fibers are extracted from FSC-certified sustainably grown eucalyptus wood and extruded by Lenzing AG through an award-winning “closed system” that allows the recycling of water and low-impact solvents used.
The result is a compostable and biodegradable product, the hand is fresh and silky, soft on the skin and luxurious in shine and fluidity. The physical properties of the fiber also guarantee an exceptional level of tenacity, and a remarkable breathability which disadvantages bacterial growth on fabrics.
Yarns with Tencel fibers by Pozzi Electa find multiple applications in both circular and orthogonal weaving and its fields of use range from underwear to fashion, from sportswear to medical, from interior design to the technical sector.


Biella, January 26 2022

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