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A tribute to the craftsmanship and richness of the Italian textile heritage. This is the inspiration that guided Pozzi Electa in the proposals for the new season.

Yarns by Pozzi Electa are rich in effects, buttoned and flammè, a reference to the manual traditions of Italian spinning and weaving, reworked through advanced production techniques and enriched by the choice of raw material of excellence.
Blends of natural fibers such as extra-long staple cotton, silk, linen – but also nylon bio and Trevira Flammè selected with a sole criterion: suppliers who guarantee respect for our own values of environmental and social sustainability, against any form of labour exploitation.
Pozzi Electa proposes a collection of yarns with a rustic taste, intrinsically sophisticated, which promises not to go unnoticed, and which celebrates the know-how, for the ancient tékhne.


Biella, July 13 2022

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