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Filo•Sophy”, the video with the creative proposals identified by Gianni Bologna for the 62nd edition of Filo, has already achieved considerable success among textile professionals, at a national and international level.

In “Filo•Sophy” the richness of the images combines perfectly with effective suggestions focused on products and production processes, intended for Filo exhibitors and, more generally, textile professionals. The general macro-theme is divided into three textile themes.
In Street-Tease we find a review of the creative disorder of street wear, or “the spontaneous exhibition of (micro)thoughts bearing signs or dreams with the autograph signature of the present time”. While Wiki Filo speaks to us of “a self-generated aesthetic, of research not so much aimed at adapting to shared canons but at a personal and more complex elaboration of the most widespread standards”. Finally, Filo-Logico focuses on measure, composure and almost elementary elegance. “An elegance that must be found within oneself and reworked if one wishes to best represent not so much the appearances that the clothes may have but the essence of the thoughts of those who wear them”. The creative proposals for the 62nd edition of Filo are completed by the color chart.
Filo•Sophy”, a creative experience available on, and not to be missed.


Biella, July 3 2024

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