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Next Design Perspectives unveils new horizons

The first edition of Next Design Perspectives was an opportunity to reflect on macro-trends of design and creativity and how they will affect our life in the next future. The event, conceived by Altagamma and organised in cooperation with Fiera Milano and ITA Agency, was held at La Triennale in Milan.

Of particular interest for the fashion system, it was the analysis of the trend “New consumers voices”: racial identifiers rapidly change and new majorities arise. Demographic changes are evident and from a cultural point of view a new consumer is appearing, a multi-racial or multi-ethnic person, able to move continuously among various cultures.

For companies, interesting indications arrived also from the trend “Positive discomfort”: a solid corporate basis entrenched in the tradition is certainly positive, but for a firm more and more success will derive from the exit from the “comfort zones”, facing unfamiliar tasks, promoting a different corporate culture and rewarding innovation. The speech of Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci, proved that the change is already in place: “Gucci is a brand able to understand modern changes within fashion industry. The exclusivity of luxury’s world is false. Our 8 billion company is not exclusive, but it focuses on inclusiveness, on empathy. Without taking itself too seriously”. As far as new consumers are concerned, Bizzarri remarked that: “Our products and our communication are understood by a wide range of consumers: Chineses represent already 35% of our business and also Indians and Brazilians cover important percentages”.

Biella, 7 november 2018

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