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For some editions, Filo has decided to open its doors to fibres’ producers. In addition, some companies working in dyeing and finishing industries have been participating in it for some years. The objective of Filo is proposing to its participants a global vision of textile supply chain, where natural fibres and materials play a key role.

In the global vision as the one given by Filo, the complexity of current textile production is evident, especially for the products aiming at being simultaneously natural, innovative, and sustainable. Filo perfectly represents the place where the research for new textile solutions takes place, starting from natural raw materials and processes, through the collaboration and the dialogue among the protagonists of the supply chain, whether they are yarns or fabrics’ producers or companies working in dyeing and finishing industries. All aiming at carrying out beautiful, creative, and well-made products.


Biella, May 18 2022

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