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Luxury, comfort and sustainability in Varvaressos yarns

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According to Varvaressos, luxury and comfort go hand in hand with sustainability. The Varvaressos cotton yarn family consists of many products.

At the 53rd edition of Filo Varvaressos presents Supreme green cotton: a premium cotton yarn collection which is water-saving, Gmo-free and 100% traceable. An innovative and socially responsible system of production grants sustainability from the cotton seed to the garment, without compromising on quality.
Another Varvaressos proposal is Premium Pima Cotton: the yarn collection made of Extra Long Staple cotton. Its production process implements water-saving cotton cultivation, Gmo-free, integrated pest management (IPM) in the field, it is BCI licensed. The result is a premium quality product for soft hand, and luxurious feeling for improved durability fabrics.
Supima collection: thanks to the fineness, longer staple length, strength and uniformity of Supima cotton fibers, the yarn is perfect for luxurious fabrics with brilliant colours.
Lenzing Lyocell Micro: superior softness, inherent performance, featuring strength, moisture transfer and natural inhibition of bacteria growth
Lenzing Modal Micro: naturally soft and lightweight, presenting a silky and smooth flow.
Supima/Lenzing Lyocell Micro: Supima extra long staple cotton meets the Tencel Lyocell microfiber, offering a unique soft touch.
Els Cotton/LenzingModal Micro: a blend for pure luxurious fabrics, with brilliant colours and smooth appearance.
Lyomix green: from a blend of Lenzing Lyocell and Supreme green cotton an ideal combination of natural and sustainable fibers.
Como green: a blend of Lenzing Modal and Supreme green cotton, offering natural touch and increased dimension stability.
Varvaressos also add a wide range of corespun, slub, multicount and multitwist yarns, in a variety of raw materials and counts.


Biella, 14 february 2020

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