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Simple to use, always available, continuously updated: it is e-Filo: 365 days of yarns, the market place of Filo.

Entering the market place of Filo, to discover a whole world of yarns just a click away, is very simple: the first step is to access “e-Filo: 365 Days of Yarns” and then follow the instructions for registration and navigation. For example, it is possible to immediately get a complete picture of the Filo exhibitors present on the market place by clicking on the “Exhibitors” item on the homepage.
All the advantages of participating in “e-Filo365: Days of Yarns” and the characteristics that make the Filo platform unique are well explained by two exhibiting companies here and here.
As for buyers, in a few minutes and in a few clicks, from any country in the world and on any day of the year, they will be able to find the yarn they need for their business, thanks to e-Filo: 365 days of yarns: try it and you will discover Filo in a new light.


Biella, December 9 2021

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