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Kempas İplik: high-quality recycled yarns

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Kempas İplik is based in Turkey; its plant is on a 40.000 m2 area. The company uses 13 autocore and 9 open-end spinning machines. Kempas Ipllik is a eco friendly yarn-producer with Global Recycle Standard and Oeko-Tex Certificate.

How does Kempas produce recycled yarns? Why its production proccess can be defined sustainable?
Collectıng & sortıng waste: the raw material is collected by Kempas from two main sources – cutting clips from CMT factories and yarn waste from spinning/weaving mills. Then the company sort it by quality and color. The color of the waste, defines the color of the final product. No dyeing is needed.
Recyclıng: each quality/colour is mechanically opened back into fibres. Kempas focuses on keeping the fibre length as long as possible, for the finest yarn quality.
Blendıng: the mechanically opened cotton waste can be mixed with chemically recycled polyester or viscose fibres to reach a specific functionality depending on the final use of the fabric.
Spınnıng: the mixed recycled fibres are spun into yarns. This part of the process is the same as with spinning fresh fibres. The main products proposed by Kempas for open-end spinning are: Ne30/1 50% Recycled Cotton 50% Virgin Polyester; Ne20/1 65% Recycled Cotton 35% Virgin Polyester; Ne12/1 80% Recycled Cotton 20% Virgin Polyester
Knıttıng/Weavıng: the yarns are knitted or woven according to the final use of the fabric.


Biella, 19 february 2020

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