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“In search of Authors”: product development proposals of Filo are online

“In search of Authors”: product development proposals of Filo are online

Filo has always been convinced upholder of the key role of live fairs and of direct meetings between exhibitors and buyers. On the other hand, the choice for the presentation of product development proposals is different: for the first time, those created for the 56th edition of Filo – entitled “In Search of Authors” – are offered to the professional public exclusively online, through a digital event available on Filo’s website starting from 10.30 on Tuesday June 22, 2021 (
In fact, for the presentation of product development proposals, the digital format proves to be an added value since the formula allows to reach all interested professionals in Italy and abroad in a simple, effective and rapid way.

“In search of Authors” is declined along three textile themes – Post-Contemporary, Neo-Antique, No Expiry Date – and organised according to sets of yarn types which are not divided by fibres, but more generally by “aspects”. In fact, Filo’s product development proposals have a unique connotation in the panorama of textile proposals: they focus on the product, with the proposal of yarns that can develop into many textile solutions. The yarns showed in “In Search of Authors” represent a rich source of inspiration for each company, which can then create and customize the products according to their needs and sensibilities. The result is a real “technical-stylistic handbook” for product managers, a “book of proposals” which Filo publishes online and which remains available to exhibitors throughout the reference period.

Gianni Bologna (creativity and style manager of Filo) thus explains the inspiration behind the product development proposals of Filo’s edition no. 56 explains: “After disorienting and alienating times such as the ones we have experienced, sophisticated materials, shapes, sophisticated technologies, or re-arrangement of ancient ideas should try to reach an innovation which is neither simply backward nor gratuitously disorienting.” The search is for a form of “intermediaty, which gathers distances and matches together different visions, combining styles and products, aesthetics and industrials projects which are normally thought as distant.”

Paolo Monfermoso, general manager di Filo, adds: “The presentation of product development proposals is one of Filo’s most awaited and appreciated events by exhibitors and professionals, a flagship of Filo where the emotion of the images is never separated from the concreteness of the aspects and technical processes, as Filo’s mission command.”

The 56th edition of Filo is scheduled for 29 and 30 September 2021 at MiCo in Milan.

Biella, June 22, 2021

Press and Communication Office
EA Team Elena Aravecchia
Via Muratori 55 – Milano

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