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Ilaria’s amazing smart yarns

New processes and transformations produce unexpected effects in Ilaria’s yarns for the new summer season 2017. The driving concept is intelligence applied to technology and recycling. Matter transforms itself in new realities, new possibilities, new designs.

Ilaria’s yarns are structured, they reflect and value the natural aspect of the fiber, the raw material, replicating the original essential lightness. New materials, soft and comforting to be used in imperceptible knits with soave transparencies and technical fluidity, metallic effects with light and dark effect.

The crepes effect yarns fluidly mix with flat natural ones: Ilaria has been researching to achieve imperceptible shadings and neutral nuances. Light pink, ice blue, milky white, grey ice or vibrant colors, eclectic, intense but elegant and refined at the same time.

In Ilaria’s collection, the focus is on the material itself; and production processes – both traditional and futuristic – are respectful of the fiber’s natural feeling.

Biella, 25 january 2017

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