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The 56th edition of Filo confirmed the interest of exhibitors and buyers for FiloFlow, the sustainability’s project of the Exhibition. Almost all exhibitors participate in the project and during the 56th edition the Sustainability Trend Area, also thanks to its evocative set-up, constantly drawn the attention of the visitors.

The focus on sustainability for textile industry was reaffirmed in an effective way during the 56th edition of Filo: exhibitors proposed yarns and processes which meet some criteria of social responsibility and respect for the environment, while Filo decided to dedicate a specific FiloFlow catalogue and a particular Sustainability Area to those aspects.
The success of FiloFlow results also from the approach that Filo has chosen for the project: indeed, the aim is to enhance the productions carried out according to sustainable criteria and processes, both from the environmental and ethical point of view. All this with a view to a supply chain’s perspective, which represents the only way to reach a really traceable and sustainable product. The journey continues, starting from the next Filo edition.


Biella, October 27 2021

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