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“The release of product development proposals on December the 14th is one of the most anticipated and appreciated Filo events by exhibitors, and more generally by textile-apparel professionals. We have decided to give the widest possible circulation to this real flagship of Filo through the online release” Paolo Monfermoso, General Manager of Filo, has stated.

Paolo Monfermoso has explained: “Filo’s product development proposals have a unique characteristic within the panorama of textile proposals: on each edition, they focus on the product, proposing the yarns which can be developed in various textile solutions. They represent a great source of inspiration for each company, that will have then the possibility to create and customise the products according to their needs and perceptions. The result is a real ‘technical/stylistic handbook’ for Product Managers”. In light of these considerations, Filo has decided to release its product development proposals exclusively online. Through digital channel, ‘the book of proposals’ reaches a number of interested people, in Italy and abroad, much higher than the one that could be reached during physical meetings. Moreover, product development proposals are easy to refer to at any time, and they are available to exhibitors over the reference period.


Biella, December 9 2021

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