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Filatura Pettinata Luisa 1966: precious yarns from selected natural raw materials

Filatura Pettinata Luisa 1966 has always been a leader in the field of fine and very fine worsted yarns, in precious fibers and melange and solid top dyed colours stock supported. At the same time the company has always aimed at sustainable and high-quality production, offering innovative yarns in natural fibers with certified productions.

Ecowool, 100% merino wool, the first worsted spun yarn to obtain the GRS certification, but also our OPF, RWS and GOTS certifications, sanction the use of selected natural raw materials and the constant attention to sustainability and to the environment displayed by Filatura Pettinata Luisa 1966. These are new proposals that are flanked by a renowned tradition of service, quality and industrial craftmanship, characteristics of a worldwide recognized Made in Italy.


Biella, October 5 2020

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