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Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella, research produces cutting edge yarns

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Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella is a company based in Sandigliano, Italy, that specialized in the production of industrial yarns.

The company offers the industry a workmanship philosophy that ties in tradition, being a family-owned business since 1960, with research and development of new yarns. Through the years the company has made a landmark throughout the province of Biella and beyond, thanks to endless studies, tests, evolution and an increasing recognition of the Made in Italy’s brand.
Filatura Pettinata Alta Biella is responsible for the entire production’s process: selected raw materials, state-of-the-art machinery, specialized employees and a manufacturing process that follows rigorous standards contribute in the making of high-quality and unique yarns.
Among the wide range of yarns, the company also offers natural, colored flame retardant and fancy ones, all suitable for various types of workmanship and all of them studied to target the needs of the new markets.

Biella, 26 February 2019

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