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Filatura Alma, fancy yarns since 1983

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Filatura Alma produces and sells weaving, knitting, and furnishing yarns with a wide range of Winter and Summer samples. It renovates in every season to meet market demand that is more and more exacting and to respect the tendency of “made in Italy” production.

Filatura Alma finds its points of strength in the continuative innovation, that is the result of a very long experience in the textile sector, in the work and passion of qualified technicians and in the continuity of strategies of social governance. For these reasons Filatura Alma has gained positive results, with exponential growth in the last few years on both local and international markets.
Filatura Alma has been adopting solutions tailored to every customer. Cut of the edge machineries and great ability allow the firm to process various types of product, from single yarn to elaborated fanciful yarns.
Filatura Alma guarantees the agreed time of delivery just because it can follow all the stages of production, from the raw materials to the creation of finished product and to final product quality control.


Biella, September 30 2020

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