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96, Rue du Pont Rompu B.P. 90440 • 59203 Tourcoing Cedex • France

T (+33) (0) 3 20 23 40 26


UTT, spinner and yarns dyer since 1960, provides a range of weaving yarns for upholstery and apparel fabrics as well as high fancy yarns for knitting.

UTT develops and produces worsted and fancy yarns at its own yarn plants, as well as through long lasting partners.

Our newly developed brand KESA focuses on organic and recycled fibers (cotton, polyester, wool, post consumer jeans…) always with a view to be more and more eco responsible. We are GOTS and GRS certified for some of our yarns.

With our fully automatic horizontal cone-dyeing plant, we can dye Polyester, Viscose, Acrylic, Wool, Cotton, Linen as well as blended yarns. Other yarns developments are possible and can be produced on demand.

Quality, flexible approach towards clients and reactivity, have always been the key factor of our business.

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