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Via XX Settembre, 1 • 13876 Sandigliano BI • Italy

T (+39) 015 691808
F (+39) 015 691966


Sales Manager: Maurizio Mancini

Founded in 1968 in Biella by the brilliant entrepreneurial spirit of the chemist Mario Mancini, the firm is specialized in the dyeing of prestigious natural fibers like cashmere, alpaca, vicuna, wool and silk, as well as in special treatments aimed at the elimination of black hairs (TPN) and the depigmentation on cashmere or other fibers.

Temperature and dyeing times take place through computerized control.
Temporized washes are being introduced to obtain improved final solidity and less deep groundwater is being used thanks to an artesian well of 147m.

Certifications have been regular through the years: GRS/SFA/RAF/Textiles and Health.

In 2013 his offsprings Carla, Rita and Maurizio enter the company structure permanently, introducing new processes such as the dyeing of arms hanks.
In 2022 the company is rewarded for achieving the “Foundational-Supplier to Zero” level.

The definition “industrial artisans” coined by nearly all clients, is fair recognition for the attention paid to all details and the quality of consultancies.

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