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Via XX Settembre, 1 · 13876 Sandigliano BI · Italy

T (+39) 015 691808
F (+39) 015 691966


Sales Manager: Maurizio Mancini

Established in 1968, Tintoria Mancini is specialized in the dyeing of natural fibres: particulary wool, cashmere, alpaca, vicuna and silk. The dyeing of cashmere tops and flock, one of this company’s specialities, is achieved through the use of controlled bath circulating pumps that do not damage the fibre.

Other specialized work carried out by Tintoria Mancini includes black hair removal (TPN), and depigmentation of cashmere flock and other fibres.

Since 2011 we produce fashion accessories with our brand “Masala” also on behalf of third parties.

In 2015 we’ve widened our activity inserting a department for dyeing in hanks, noble fibres by arm vats.

#ASPASSOCONLAPECORA is an artistic project with which, showing  everyone the supply chain that leads from sheep to finished garment,  the Tintoria Mancini (founded by Mario Mancini more than 50 years ago  and now operating in the company with his sons Maurizio, Carla and Rita) demonstrates his attachment to the Biella area and the extreme sustainability  of his production cycle.

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