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via Alessandrini, 4 · 25086 Rezzato BS · Italy

T (+39) 030 2594145
F (+39) 030 2490077


Tecnoyarn SpA offers a wide range of products in stock service: synthetic yarns (filament and spun), artificial yarns, cotton yarns, all available in raw-white and dyed to provide a quick service to socks manufacturer, knitters, weavers and narrow fabrics maker

In particular, textured Nylon 6  yarn-dyed and dope dyed, yarn-dyed textured Polyester, yarn-dyed Fdy Polyester, dyed viscose, dyed combed Cotton, yarn-dyed Acrylic, single- and double-covered Elastomer.

Tecnoyarn SpA also offers a line of special LINK® yarns for sewing (sewing threads), and covered yarns from 30 Dtex to 500 Dtex raw white  and dyed.

Continuing its commitment to sustainability, Tecnoyarn is able to supply 100% Recycled Nylon 6 pre-consumer, raw white, yarn-dyed and dope dyed, also with anti-odour treatment.

100% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester.

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