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Tekstil Osb. Mah. 101. Cadde No:19/1 • 64000 Usak • Turkey

T (+90) 532 230 02 64


Sales manager: Mustafa Oreksele • (+90) 532 230 02 64 •

Orsell Company that is located in UŞAK/TURKEY, third generation experience with producing Recycled Yarns and Fibers with the blends of Wool, Acrylic, Cotton and Polyester Fibers. Company can offer pre- and post-consumer materials blended, Carded and Open-end yarns with count range between Ne 2-30, (Nm 3-Nm 50) to the sectors as Weaving, Circular and Flat Knitting, Hand Knitting, Tent, Rugs Sectors and also Mop yarns for Cleaning Sector.
Our brand ORSELL, combination of the family name “OREKSELE” and the word “SELL” represent itself the essence of this company, work only for sustainable products..

Orsell Company production lines includes different facilities that combines  the creativity the price factor and the quality, offering a wide range of aspects, materials and colors.
The yarns are completely produced in our own facilities due to diversified machineries with the help of experienced, talented, dedicated, and creative technical team..

Orsell Company really cares for future of our planet, tries to give a value to textile products by re-using the material that normally represents a wastage for the textile business production processes.
We are looking for meeting opportunities for business partnerships and collaborations in order to market our products worldwide and will provide representation in the countries we visit.

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